More and more, industrial companies tend to try using Artificial Intelligence to improve plant operations. To be successful, they will need to transform their data with the help of domain Experts.

Many companies in heavy industry have spent years building and storing big data but have yet to unlock its full value. In fact, McKinsey & Company research shows that more than 75 percent have piloted some form of AI, yet less than 15 percent have realized meaningful, scalable impact.

In this very interesting post from McKinsey & Company (link below), author discuss the need for automation and AI to improve predictive accuracy and help in root-cause analysis.

At SYNTHESE S.A., we propose in our “Synthese Real Time Performance Management®” a very similar approach, although much more focus on a performance driven vision of action.

Our successful combination of smart data processing and people empowerment quickly unlock the hidden potential of big data.

Don’t miss this opportunity to strenghten your industrial performance, contact us and discover our unique management model.

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Synthese helps and guides you to implement our advanced and unique proprietary continuous improvement model.  It allows your teams and processes to reach their full potential by optimizing resources and making full advantage of all available data.

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