What differs between both Data Architects and Data Engineers ?

Their global vision make them fully complementary for a company which wants to take the full advantage of all data available in its organization.

  • Data architects conceptualize and visualize data frameworks; data engineers build and maintain them ;

  • Data architects guide the Data Science teams while data engineers provide the supporting framework for enterprise data activities ;

  • Once upon a time data architects fulfilled the roles of data engineers; since 2013, Data Engineering as a separate career field has experienced tremendous growth ;

  • Although both the data architect and the data engineer are experts about Database Management technologies, they use their knowledge very differently in their respective roles.

Given the exponential rise of data sources and incoming data pipelines, the growth of data architects and data engineers is inevitable in the coming years.

At SYNTHESE SA, when we implement in your company our “Synthese Real Time Performance Management®” model and act as a technology integrator, we work exclusively with the best. Our Data Architects guarantee you innovative solutions that respect your culture, while bringing highest added value Our Data Engineers build robust, state-of-art and fully scalable systems.

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