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Thanks to the long experience of its founder in this field, Synthese S.A. has specialized in the engineering of hot long rolling processes, both for wire, bars and rods products and for the more complex sections of beams and sheet piles. We offer the complete study of rolling guides for all of your products on all rolling stands. We also carry out all the technical improvement studies of the installed equipment to reduce set-up time.

Below, some examples of studies and achievements



Complete 3D Design using TOP-SOLID

Study and design of a last pass entry guide for rolling AU / PU type sheet piling, using developed surfaces, and optimized for 3-axis machining out of block.

A quick tool change system is integrated into the concept.


Design of quick tool setting systems

During the design phase, we take care to study and design judicious interfaces between elements in order to guarantee fastest assembly/disassembly and replacement of worn out parts on site.

We can also write and edit all assembly/disassembly procedures with full referencing.


Modernization of an upper choke and its roll axis support
Integration of a cooling rail

In order to increase the rolled tonnages and to guaranty the continuity of rolls positioning accuracy in time, a cooling of the roll axes has been integrated in a fiber bearing roll choke (an old technology which is no longer used in modern rolling stands).

As the customer did not wish to invest in new equipment, it was necessary to study the integration to keep the concept of the existing choke while maintaining its stiffness and allowing fastest assembly/disassembly operations with a minimum of connectors.

The rolling stand, dating from the 1920s, has been completely modeled in 3D using TOP-SOLID in order to study the interfaces with perfect accuracy.

A finite element analysis under load of the structure of a lateral pillar was carried out in order to consider some adequate structural reinforcements.

complete set of sheet-pile rolling guides

Study of a complete set of Entry guides / Exit guides
Optimization of access for fast installation and set-up

The development of a new range of wider sheet piles required an in-depth study to design new entry guides / exit guides on the 3-pass finisher 2 high stand. The available width was in fact already used and a reduction in the size of the guides had to be studied.

A complete three-dimensional modeling of the stand, rolls, guide supports and mounting hoops was carried out in order to thoroughly check and preserve the possibilities of fastest assembly/disassembly.

Synthese helps and guides you to implement our advanced and unique proprietary continuous improvement model.  It allows your teams and processes to reach their full potential by optimizing resources and making full advantage of all available data.

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