"They did not know it was impossible.
So they did it."

Mark Twain

Interim management


Whether it is to react to a crisis situation or to anticipate a future need, interim management is a rapid and operational solution with very high added value to deal with a sensitive or unusually complex situation.

Whether they operate in your company as a whole or in a specific department, our interim managers are people and results minded, they help structuring, they implement solutions and quickly transmit to your teams. They are experienced, flexible, agile and integrate quickly into your organization.

SYNTHESE S.A. has specialized in interim management assignments in two specific cases:

  • Performance and operational excellence
  • Transformation of of business operating models
Performance and operational excellence

Companies that choose operational excellence want to improve their performance and competitiveness
Here are the key principles

– bring higher added value and improve customer orientation: this involves refocusing on products and/or services that are better suited to the real needs of customers.

– achieve high operational efficiency: how to produce faster and cheaper with optimum quality.

– empower and motivate: create a solid and lasting involvement of all individuals.

For our Interim Managers, it is generally a matter of solving a failure situation in operational excellence, they will:

– change operational and managerial practices to catalyze continuous improvement.

– develop skills, complementarity and behavior.

– initiate a reflection on the business model and the value chain.

– promote deeper social responsibility in its area, in order to respect the environment and attract talent.

– initiate reorganizations or structural changes.

– optimize the quality and efficiency of industrial processes (six sigma, lean manufacturing, etc.).

– develop or change the information system.

– integrate management tools (ERP, CRM, etc.), and relevant performance indicators (KPI).

– manage investments.

– drive performance in supply chain, purchasing and logistics.

SYNTHESE S.A. relies on the global vision of its Interim Managers to support all companies, regardless of the degree of complexity of the management mission and to offer you the best structured operational answer.

Transformation of of business operating models

Some companies have to evolve to strengthen their competitiveness, to meet expectations, behaviors and changing habits of the market, and to cope with perpetual socio-economic changes

To drive a dynamic of transformation, there are two major challenges :

– ensure the continuity of your business, or even improve operational excellence.

– while thinking about the future to cross these structuring milestones, regardless of the type of transformation to be carried out.

Our Interim Managers will help you to:

– structure operating methods and professional practices of your organization in order to do better and/or otherwise

– rethink your managerial function based on the principle of empowerment to strengthen confidence, commitment, internal accountability and be in line with the expectations of the business environment

– change your ways of thinking, organizing and acting by establishing a strong corporate culture to achieve collective commitment and sustainable performance

– deploy an information system and control the impact of IS on company resources

– move your people towards a business-oriented transversal vision to gain in productivity and competitiveness

SYNTHESE S.A. offers you an integrated and objective approach, we guarantee our full support through all stages of your transformation project, always providing you with the most appropriate solution

– an operational diagnosis that supports strategic orientation or qualification decisions to successfully complete the transformation of the company.

– the implementation of a transition management mission with one or more  transition managers, immediately operational.

– experienced teams in the contexts encountered able to fully bring their talent and agility to the project. 

– a caring overview from outside to challenge current situation without stressing internal know-how.

– a rigorous methodological approach with a human dimension.

SYNTHESE S.A. Interim Management supports you in the implementation of an action plan to achieve your transformation strategy and offers you an adequate managerial answer.

Synthese helps and guides you to implement our advanced and unique proprietary continuous improvement model.  It allows your teams and processes to reach their full potential by optimizing resources and making full advantage of all available data.

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