"Be a yardstick of quality.
Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

Steve Jobs

Operation management


Regardless of the size and complexity of your production process, whether you handle only one or multiple products, it should be studied and designed in such a way that your teams can maintain full control over its performance at all times.

With our vast industrial experience, we are able to design with you the most efficient production organizations thanks to a pragmatic integration of the best operational management principles from Six SigmaLean manufacturing, SMED, 5S or WCM methodologies, using as well KANBAN, PERT, GANTT, TOC, OPT or TCO concepts.

In order to control your industrial performance, SYNTHESE SA offers you many management or process improvement tools.

SYNTHESE S.A. takes a pragmatic approach when deploying tools. We always rely on a thorough operational diagnosis to adapt our solution to your needs, not more, not less.

This pragmatism, continuously active, allows you not to get lost in the multiplicity of existing process improvement methods.

We generally favor the use of the Six Sigma method, which presents a series of tools suitable for many organizations, , which we associate with the simple principles of the PDCA method.


A complete toolbox for analysis and problem solving

The purpose of this site is not to offer training in the SIX SIGMA method, the subject is vast and reaching a BLACK BELT SIX SIGMA level requires no less than three years of training and project implementation.

Below we provide a summary of the integration of SIX SIGMA tools in the management system.

The breakdown of your long-term, medium-term industrial plans and the annual plan leads to considering the achievement of a multitude of objectives.

Some are linked to projects or ambitions, others are linked to the resolution of abnomalities and recuring problems.

There are 5 fundamental steps:

– objectives definition, often resulting in problems to be solved.

– problem identification.

– phenomenon analysis.

– process analysis.

– design of an action plan and management of the realization.

The integration of these 5 steps into a management system is detailed schematically below.


Simplicity and systematism

The PDCA method is widely used as management tools in the SIX SIGMA method, they are perfectly complementary.

It offers systematism and operational rigor perfectly suited to the implementation of an action plan aimed at improvements, because the measurement of results and the implementation of corrective actions at each CYCLE when targets are not achieved guarantees a high efficiency.

Synthese helps and guides you to implement our advanced and unique proprietary continuous improvement model.  It allows your teams and processes to reach their full potential by optimizing resources and making full advantage of all available data.

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