"Some people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen."

Michael Jordan

Project management


Our consultants show strong expertise in project management of all kind.

Regardless of the size of your project, we take care of all steps to ensure your total satisfaction.

We are highly focused with all your stakeholders during critical phases of Project Initiation and Planning. Execution will stricly follow the masterplan we defined with your teams and suppliers. Exact Monitoring is done with standard PMI methodology. We also train and coach all staff, from operators to management when required. During Closing of the project, we can take care of acceptances tests following your requirement for complete independence.


Project management execution

Our team is perfectly familiar with the use of PERT (program/project evaluation and review technique) as well as GANT CHARTS.

The use Microsoft Project is systematic. A detailed Project File will always be the start of any project run by our consultant.

Proceeding that way, we are always sure to accurately analyse and implement in the timeframe the exact availability of your teams and suppliers and to properly define the critical milestones of your project.

Furthermore, we use MS Project to create detailed reporting to master project execution and to communicate efficiently to all stakeholders.

Synthese helps and guides you to implement our advanced and unique proprietary continuous improvement model.  It allows your teams and processes to reach their full potential by optimizing resources and making full advantage of all available data.

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